TKG Coaching Package!


TKG Coaching Package!

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By purchasing this coaching package, you agree to the following terms of the Deal Memo. An electronic copy will be sent to you for you to digitally sign and return. Thank you!




Justin Giddings, The Kickstarter Guy, is booked for your campaign for a minimum of FIVE (5) PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS and up to an additional five (5) hours of email/phone “check-ins.” Covering Strategy, Social Currency, Prep, the Campaign Page, and the Final Week, Justin will personally mentor you to help secure a successfully executed campaign.




Boot Camp Session 1: The Strategy

Create your campaign game plan.


Boot Camp Session 2: The How-To

A series of video tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to prep!


Boot Camp Session 3: Social Currency

Build your network – and your influence – on Facebook and Twitter.


Boot Camp Session 4: The Campaign Page

How to build it for maximum impact!


Boot Camp Session 5:  Daily Actions and Final Prep

How to have a $5000 - $10,000 final day!


Custom Campaign Coaching: Up to one (1) hour of weekly coaching during the campaign as needed or requested!




Retainer: $1,500

DUE: Upon receipt       


Completion Fee: 5% of gross amount raised***

DUE: Upon funds disbursement or 21 days after campaign’s end, whichever comes first


***The invoice is based on the final amount raised as publicly shown on the site at the completion of the campaign. On an all-or-nothing platform, such as Kickstarter, no invoice will be sent if the campaign is unsuccessful. If a contribution is made by the client or client’s named investor within 48 hours of the campaign’s end in order to push the amount raised to 100% or higher (commonly called a “bridge loan”), the campaign will be considered a successful campaign and is subject to invoicing at 5% of the gross fund LESS the amount loaned to the campaign by the campaign owner within the 48 hour time period. The client/investor must provide proof of his or her own personal funds being used – matching, angel, and similar donors do not count. (EXAMPLE: With 36 hours left in the campaign, the client has raised only $40,000 of a $50,000 goal. Because Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, the client loans $10,000 to the campaign in order to have a successful completion. In this scenario, TKG will invoice for the amount raised less the $10,000 loaned. The completion feel will then be based on the net amount (equal to the Gross minus $10,000) at the 5% rate.)



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Justin Giddings is offering information and guidance for the execution of a crowdfunding campaign but cannot guarantee the outcome of said campaign, which is solely dependent on the efforts and execution of the client.

INITIAL: ___________


Time Frame For Initial Boot Camp Training Sessions:

The first 5 training sessions must be undertaken within 120 days.

INITIAL: ___________


Refund Policy:

Due to the sensitive nature of the information shared, there is a policy of no refunds. This includes projects that decide not to continue forward with their crowdfunding campaign. If the original campaign launches within 18 months of the first payment date, the completion fee will still apply.

INITIAL: ___________


Truncated Prep Policy:

Should the prep time from signature date to launch date be less than the recommended 90 days, the campaign falls outside the parameters of a “standard coaching package.” Should that campaign fail, the marketing department for TKG and Justin Giddings will not count the campaign against the current advertised success rate. Clients are fully aware that the recommended prep time is 90 days or more. Should the campaign fail to reach 100% or higher, the client(s) will make no public attempt at “correcting” a client-perceived “inaccuracy” in TKG marketing materials, posts, and like advertising.

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