Pretty bold statement, huh? I don't mind making it because I've personally seen people go from powerless to empowered, hopeless to hopeful, and confused to determined through the power of a successful campaign. As a filmmaker, I know what it's like to wait for someone to say "yes" to your dreams. The problem is, I'm kind of impatient and I didn't want to wait anymore. When it came time to make my first film, I took my training as a Certified Marketing Consultant and funneled it into a crowdfunding campaign that earned me $32,000 to make my first film. After screening all around the world, winning festivals and awards, and becoming a Vimeo Staff Pick, this film propelled my career to the point where I am now slated to direct a $6 million dollar feature. With crowdfunding, it took me less than two years to go from working actor to Hollywood insider.

What's your story gonna look like? Got a cool product idea that's not been seen before? Great! Crowdfunding is your test market and product launch. Got a film or webseries that's original, compelling, or just plain fun? Fantastic! Find your audience while funding your creative voice. Think of me as the trusty sidekick to your superhero-level of awesomeness.

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