SUCCESS! "Beachwood Drive" Is Funded!

SUCCESS! "Beachwood Drive" Is Funded!

Successful Kickstarter Campaign Beachwood Drive Film

On launch day, half of this campaign's team bailed on the creators! They really didn't know if they were going to make it, but when they worked the system, they hit 112% of their goal!! Here are the details!

TITLE: Beachwood Drive

PROJECT: Production funds for their feature film.

PLATFORM: Kickstarter

RAISED / GOAL: $55,685 of $50,000



Thinking of crowdfunding? The team behind Beachwood Drive was in your shoes at one point. They had a dream - all they needed was the plan to see that dream happen. That's where I come in! CLICK HERE to sign up for a free consultation to talk about your crowdfunding project!